August 24, 2016 Digitized Economy, Labor, LearningLab
Artikkelen er publisert som kommentarartikkel i Kapital nr. 6 – 2016. Formidlingsartikkelen baserer på forskningsprosjektet Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy, finansiert av Norges forskningsråd. Artikkelen er oversatt og bearbeidet av Audun Farbrot.

We will discuss Christian and Sut I’s work related to “Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy”.

It will mostly be an open discussion but I will also send you a few questions that we want to touch during the discussion.

I think the questions will be something like this, but I must discuss it with the other LearningLabers, and it would be good if you started the discussion with a short introduction to your work:
• What are the implications for education?
Diving into the future:
• Will we all be Facilitators?
• What will happen to the middle class?
• Do we need a new economic system?